Top 10 Best Ateco Bench Scraper

To assist you in making an informed decision about the ateco bench scraper, we’ve conducted extensive research and analyzed over 3301 customer feedback from top brands such as . We’ve ranked the greatest brands on our list according to the information collected: Ateco, CK Products, Winco USA, Hearthy Home, Fat Daddio’s

Ateco Bench Scraper – Top Picks in 2021

The Best Ateco Bench Scraper(s)

1. Ateco Bench Scraper with Handle

Ateco Bench Scraper with Handl
  • Stainless steel blade; high strength polyoxymethylene (POM) handle riveted to blade
  • By Ateco – professional quality and quality design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Use to cut or divide dough; also use to scrape excess flour and dough from work surface
  • Bench scraper

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2. Ateco Stainless Steel Bench Scraper

Ateco Stainless Steel Bench Sc
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Ateco – professional quality & quality design
  • Use to cut or divide dough; also use to scrape excess flour and dough from work surface
  • Blade measures 4 x 3-inches
  • Bench scraper by Ateco

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4. Ateco Bench Scraper with Plastic Handle New

Ateco Bench Scraper with Plast
  • Blade made of stainless steel; plastic handle – dishwasher safe, shock resistant and sanitary
  • Use to cut or divide dough; also use to scrape excess flour and dough from work surface
  • Bench scraper by Ateco
  • Blade measures 5 7/8 x 3-inches
  • Ateco – professional quality & quality design

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5. Ateco Bench Scraper / Dough Cutter – wood handle

Ateco Bench Scraper / Dough Cu
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Natural wood handle
  • Overall Dimensions: 5 x 6 inches

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6. Ateco Round Stainless Steel Form, 2 by 1.75-Inches High

Ateco Round Stainless Steel Fo
  • Built of quality, long lasting stainless steel
  • Professional grade baking form
  • Excellent for pastries
  • The Package weight of the Product is 0.0881849048 Pounds

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7. Ateco 1320 2-in-1 Bowl Scraper/Icing Smoother Set, 6-Pieces, Flexible Food-safe Plastic

Ateco 1320 2-in-1 Bowl Scraper
  • By Ateco, professional quality and quality design since 1905
  • Safe for nonstick cookware and dishwasher safe
  • Combination smoother and bowl scraper 6 piece set to stock your kitchen
  • Has enough flex to conform to the shape of a mixing bowl and durability to smooth icing on a cake
  • Use to smooth and even out frosting and paste and scraping batter from mixing bowls

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8. Ateco Scraper, Pack of 2, White

Ateco Scraper, Pack of 2, Whit
  • Sold in a set of two (2) scrapers
  • Durable polypropylene bowl scraper by Ateco
  • Conforms to curve or shape of a mixing bowl
  • Flexible material helps get every last drop of dough or batter
  • Can also be used on flat surface

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9. Winware Stainless Steel Dough Scraper with Wood Handle

Winware Stainless Steel Dough
  • Professional quality
  • Sturdy wood handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 3″ blade

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10. Ateco 869 Pastry Tube – French Star – Size 9

Ateco 869 Pastry Tube - French
  • Dimensions: opening: 11/16″Dia
  • For piping pastry dough, cookie dough, mashed potatoes, meringues, and whipping cream.~French (…
  • Size: #9
  • Sold individually

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11. Ateco 3-1/2-Inch Stainless Steel Doughnut Cutter (Set of 2)

Ateco 3-1/2-Inch Stainless Ste
  • Slices easily through dough
  • Cuts traditional doughnuts
  • Stainless steel material is dishwasher safe
  • 3-1/2 diameter, 1 center hole

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Summing Things Up

Our top list has come to an end, and I really hope that We’ve helped you find the perfect ateco bench scraper for your usage. We’ve tried to make this list as diversified as possible by including options that are suited for diversified needs and in different price ranges.

In case you’re still unable to decide the right ateco bench scraper for your needs, feel free to contact Us or comment below, we’ll try to solve your query or help you find one to the best of our ability.

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Other Ateco Bench Scraper Products We Considered

12. Hearthy Home – Bench Scraper for Baking – Dough Scraper – Multipurpose Kitchen Tool can be used as Bread Scraper, Bench Knife for Baking, Dough Knife, Food Scraper, Table Scraper, or Pastry Scraper

Hearthy Home - Bench Scraper f
  • Food Scraper Stainless Steel: Cut casseroles, smash garlic, chop vegetables, and more
  • This kitchen scraper blade makes an effective pasta scraper, gently handling delicate doughs
  • Use this cutting board scraper tool as a crumb scraper to clean your surface quickly without water
  • Our bench scraper kitchen scraper tool for baking is ideal for smoothing frosting and dividing dough
  • Cutting Board Scraper: Tool has beveled edge for cutting and chopping, easy use as a pastry knife
  • Highly Functional Cooking Scraper: Use as a dough scraper, a fresh pasta knife, or a food scraper
  • Sourdough Bread Scraper: Bread scooper can pull sticky foods off counters without dirtying hands
  • Stainless Steel Dough Cutter and Scraper: Seamless metal surface is easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Dough Scraper for Baking: Kitchen gadget has conversion chart and measurements for baking precision
  • Food Mover: Ideal for moving chopped ingredients to another location safely, without spills

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13. Fat Daddio’s Bench Scraper 5 Inch x 7 Inch

Fat Daddio's Bench Scraper 5 I
  • HEAVY-GAUGE STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – Made from 18-gauge stainless steel with black ABS plastic handles
  • MEASURES 7 1/4″ x 5″ (18.4 x 12.7 cm), 7″ x 3.5″ (17.8 x 8.9 cm) blade
  • MULTI-USE DOUGH SCRAPER – The workhorse of the kitchen. Perfect for lifting and turning dough, chopping softer items and scraping your work surface clean

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14. Ateco Offset Spatula, 2.1″ Paddle Shape Trowel, Non-Slip Plastic Handle

Ateco Offset Spatula, 2.1
  • Perfect for working with delicate icings
  • By Ateco – professional quality and quality design
  • Made in Italy
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Fondant spatula with cone shape

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15. Bench Scraper & Chopper,Stainless Steel Dough Cutter for Kitchen – Set of 2 Pack

Bench Scraper & Chopper,Stainl
  • Dishwasher safe,12 months warranty
  • Durably constructed with stainless steel blade. Comfortable handle, easy to grip for extra control.
  • Handy for scraping up ingredients to easily transfer to a mixing bowl or for cleaning flour off your work surface.
  • Multi-purpose pastry cutter for cake pizza bread,dough,grilling,baking,cooking,rubber grip & measuring marks
  • Measuring guide on the blade allows you to easily measure and cut pasta and pastry dough.

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16. Ateco French Leaf Ruffle Decorating Pastry Tip #95

Ateco French Leaf Ruffle Decor
  • Size: 95
  • Model #: 95
  • Fits Standard Coupler
  • French Leaf Ruffle Tip
  • Nickel Plated Steel

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17. Dough Bench Scraper/Cutter/Chopper Stainless Steel with Herb Stripper,Multipurpose Kitchen Pastry Tool – Leaf Remover – 1 Pack

Dough Bench Scraper/Cutter/Cho
  • 8 holes leaf remover for easily prepping and processing a variety of leafy greens like chard,collard greens, parsley, basil etc.
  • A must gadget for cake pizza bread,dough,grilling,baking,cooking.
  • Wood handle and metal cutter bending design,easy to grip.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Food grade stainless steel blade with pastry bread separator scale.

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18. Ateco Ultra Straight Spatula with 6 by 1.5-Inch Stainless Steel Blade, Plastic Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Silver

Ateco Ultra Straight Spatula w
  • Professional quality medium sized straight spatula, 6- by 1.5-inch blade
  • By Ateco, professional quality and quality design since 1905
  • Polypropylene handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel blade is taper ground for even flexibility

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19. Ateco Plain Edge Round Cutters in Graduated Sizes, Stainless Steel, 11 Pc Set

Ateco Plain Edge Round Cutters
  • Cutters range from 3/4 to 3 5/8-inches
  • Use to cut pastry, cookies, dough, or as a form for food
  • Ateco – professional quality & quality design
  • Set of 11 round cutters with plain edge by Ateco
  • Made of stainless steel

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